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SCENTIA International Economic Review examines new research and developments in the field of Economics and Public Health. The Journal provides a common forum for both frontline industrial business management as well as pioneering academic research. The journal's multidisciplinary approach draws from such fields as benchmarking, business excellence, e-quality, management systems, performance
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A big thank you to our authors, our reviewers, and members of the scientific advisory board. After now more than 15 published peer-reviewed articles, Volume 1 Issue 2 will soon be closed for further publications.
Volume 1 Issue 3 will then be available for further articles without any transition.

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Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2022): SIER - Second Issue 2021-2022

All current Publications can be found in this issue. The Issue will be closed for further publications if the number of articles reaches >15. The Volume will then be archived under the given Volume und Number.


Leadership Sentiment and Price Fluctuations

Tim Herzhoff, Thomas Teichert
Abstract 320 | PDF Downloads 153

Page 1-36

The Link between digitalization and new product launch

Alexander Salmen
Abstract 352 | PDF Downloads 65

Page 37-56

Parametric estimation of supplier's plant construction costs

Remo Rossi
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 58

Page 95-121

Is Generation Z changing the understanding of HR work?

Matthias Bender
Abstract 583 | PDF Downloads 304

Page 75-94

Ethics as part of police management

Torsten Huschbeck, Christian Horres, Peter Markovič
Abstract 245 | PDF Downloads 165

Page 242-262

The relevance of agile change management in a dynamic business environment

Elena Grocholski
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 75

Page 169-187

Determinants affecting the decision of German dentists to set-up an office

David Stein, Ralf Michael
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 215-241

The temporary reduction in VAT under the Second Corona Tax Assistance Act:

Martin Hübner
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 188-214

Decision making models in energy projects

Stefan Wieke
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 22

Page 263-285

Public Health

Effects of the measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic on pre-existing mental vulnerabilities and disorders

Margarete Schweizerhof, Adrian Zechser, Artur Müller
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 11-35

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