SIER has started publishing operations on 2021/03/25.
SIER has been issued an ISSN by Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. 2748-0089
SIER has become a member of CrossRef and has been issued a unique DOI Prefix. 10.52514

In the first month of operations we received 15 Submissions. 5 Submissions were rejected by the Editor before being submitted to Peer-Review . 10 Submissions were submitted into Peer-Review. 5 Submissions were published after Peer-Review and revisions. The Submission/Acceptance Ratio for the first month of operations is at 33,3%. We expect the Acceptance Rate to be below 25% in the months to come.

SIER Reviewer are expected to return their review within 2 weeks from acceptance. We expect the publication process to take approximately 8 to 12 weeks in average.