Effects of the measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic on pre-existing mental vulnerabilities and disorders

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Margarete Schweizerhof
Adrian Zechser
Artur Müller


measures to combat the pandemic, psychological effects of COVID-19, multimodal psychiatric therapy approaches, economic impact of anti covid-19 measuresures


This article deals with the following question: "What is the impact of certain pandemic control measures on patient groups with specific mental illnesses, and what are the economic effects on public health?"

For this purpose, 103 patients of psychotherapeutic practice in Germany in the periods before, during and at the current time (April, May 2021) were asked in a twenty-minute survey to indicate the development of their psychiatric symptoms concerning individual measures to combat the pandemic and concerning the general pandemic situation. The collected data were divided into specific diagnostic groups with single and multiple diagnoses and analyzed using the method of descriptive statistical analysis using the IBM SPSS software. As a result, it was found that specific measures to combat the pandemic had varying degrees of influence on the worsening of the specific symptoms of patients with single or multiple diagnoses. Due to the division of patients into diagnostic groups, the present study made it possible for the first time to differentiate and assess the course symptoms of various mental illnesses in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been shown that the presence of multiple psychiatric diagnoses causes an inflationary worsening of the symptoms. In addition, the specific influence of different measures on specific psychiatric diagnostic groups could be demonstrated. The authors conclude that the impact of specific pandemic control measures varies depending on the diagnostic group. It was also found that the economic impact is high due to the need for interdisciplinary and multimodal therapeutic approaches to combat the consequences for patients with pre-existing mental illnesses.



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