A critical analysis of Talent Management in German Small and Medium-Sized Companies (SMES) Part II

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Matthias Bender


Talent Management, Key Function, assessment and insertion, motivation and binding, Talent development


The article aims to determine which aspects need to be considered to operate effective and efficient talent management.
Three hypotheses were formulated, which were processed with qualitative content analysis. The investigation was performed using the software MaxQDA.
The following aspects have been identified as critical pillars for successful talent management:

  • The process of talent management must be implemented holistically.

  • It must be clear which positions in the company contribute in a particular way to the company's success and what requirements the personnel intended for this purpose must meet.

  • Talent management should play its part both in times of recovery and in times of crisis to

    • Always ensure the consistent availability of mission-critical workers.

    • take advantage of the crisis to prepare for an expansion starting at the beginning of the recovery.


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