The importance of performance management system in tax consulting

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Jürgen Weltermann


Performance management, Tax consulting, Artifical Intelligence, Employee performance


This scientific article explores the importance of performance management systems in the field of tax consulting. The study emphasizes the role of performance management in maximizing efficiency, enhancing employee motivation, and gaining a competitive advantage in tax consulting firms. The research utilizes a qualitative content analysis of existing literature to address the research question regarding the significance of performance management in tax consulting. The findings reveal that performance appraisal systems, regular feedback, strategic goal setting, and continuous competence development are crucial aspects of performance management in tax consulting. Implementing these practices can improve performance, motivate employees, and ensure the competitive position of tax consulting firms. The article concludes that understanding and effectively implementing performance management strategies can contribute to the success and growth of tax consulting firms in the market. Further research can focus on specific strategies and best practices to optimize performance management in the context of tax consulting.


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