The Increasing Importance of Global Quality Management Quality as a Competitive Factor

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Oliver Schneider


quality management, quality principles, quality strategies, competitive factor, quality 4.0


Quality must be produced economically. For only if the increased yield from a quality improvement is higher than the additional quality expenditure does the quality productivity of a company increase.
In this article, impact is understood as a competitive factor of quality and can be divided into two factors. These two factors are the customer benefits generated and on the other hand, the 0-error strategy in the products. This article aims to answer the following research question: "On which pillars are the generated customer benefits and, on the other hand, the flawlessness of the products based?”
Several empirical market studies were consulted as market and literature research as well 15 expert interviews.
The result was that if both the strategic pillar and the operational pillar and their sub-aspects are in place, then improved competitive factors are generated and created in the market environment and there are further competitive influencing factors in the market environment.

The interviewees have assessed these below to the used questionnaire:

- 88% confirmed, 10% partly confirmed and 2% not confirmed -

The explicit description and analysis of the individual elements and methods of quality control and quality cost accounting is not given in this article and will be elaborated in the author’s dissertation.
The participants of expert interviews were selected by the study leader according to their professional background.
Using an extensive set of 15 expert interviews, we empirically demonstrated the existence of the strategic and operational pillars. In the combination, these have a direct influence on customer perceptions and are thus a competitive factor versus competitors.
These form the elements and methods of quality control and are the basis for evaluating quality with the aim of: Increasing quality with a constant reduction of costs with simultaneously increasing market acceptance.



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